Out of the Closet Stuck in the Darkness


It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had that conversation with my mother.

Mom: Were you molested?

Me: No

Mom: Did I do something wrong?

Me: No

Even though it has been over a decade since I outed myself to my mother I still struggle with who I am to this day.

I would like to note (as it was noted to me) that I am a flirter. I call it just being nice but nonetheless some have labeled me that.  The irony of that is when I am attracted to a woman I clam up. I become weird, awkward and mute. There have been times when I have questioned my sexuality and times that I would not be attracted to anyone. Either way my luck with women had me thinking that maybe I was not who I thought I was. Maybe I’m not really a lesbian but just a confused girl having a sexual identity crisis. But sometimes I would encounter a woman that gives me lady wood and that theory was put to rest. To be honest because of my horrible dating life I thought that maybe the universe was telling me something. Maybe I was wrong. Continue reading

Recap of Fusion: Teen Talk Show Episode 1 :”A Day in the Life of a Teen ” Screening

I recently attended the screening of Fusion: Teen Talk Show Episode 1 :”A Day in the Life of a Teen ”  At the event they had a panel discussion, Q&A with the audience and giveaways.

The Mission of Fusion: Teen Talk Show is to open the lines of communication and bridge the gap between teens and adults.

At the event I got a chance to interview the hosts Jasmine and Somalia and creator/producer Queen. Check out the pics and video below.



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Shit Happens: That’s Life


I have not written in awhile. January was a rough month (February started out rocky) so I have been in cruise control for a while trying to figure things out and weather out the other things.  Often time when things are spiraling out of control I become numb to things and my mind is set on repeat reiterating the things that are not going right (or the way I think they should). Even though a lot of things did not go as plan I will say that I won’t come down on myself too hard. I am proud of myself for remaining calm (as a person like me can be) and focused on the things that I can do verses the things I do not have control of.  January was a lot of no’s, rejections, financial hardship but it was also a month I can look back on and say that I tried. When opportunities changed and the unexpected kept reoccurring my mindset was not “woe is me”, it was what I can do to better my situation.

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Women In PR Present: “RELAX & REJUVENATE” Beauty Lounge

I recently attended Women In PR Present: “RELAX & REJUVENATE” Beauty Lounge hosted by Arkeedah of ItsArkeedah.com at My Fair Sweets in Atlanta.

This event was for publicists, event planners, social media strategist, bloggers and media. The beauty suite featured on-site make-up application, eyelash bar, hair styling bar, cocktails, manicures, massages, shopping, appetizers and a dessert bar. “RELAX & REJUVENATE” Beauty Lounge was a great way to unwind, get pampered and network.

At the event I had a chance to interview Arkeedah about her book How to Start A Blog: 10 Essential Steps You Need To Know. Check out the interview and pictures of the event below:


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Gabourey Sidibe And Why People Are Really Mad


Let’s be honest about Gabourey Sidibe and why people are really upset. One of the many reasons why people are upset is because they were told that people like “her” are not meant to be happy and successful and especially on TV. People are upset because she is living her life to the fullest despite her not fitting into society standard of beauty and those same angry people are unhappy with their life so they sit behind their computer or phone and write hurtful and mean things about her.  Since Sidibe career started she has been told that if she does not lose weight she will not work in Hollywood and the lie detector proved that was a lie (in my Maury voice). Continue reading

Texting and Dating: Emojis Are Not Real Emotions


Sometimes I feel  like I am behind the times. I know that we live in the age of technology and I think that it is a good thing but sometimes I feel we depend on it too much. For example in dating. I have come across people who strictly prefer text to phone calls.  I definitely understand the convenience of text messages.  It’s a quick form of communication and great way to reach people when they may not have access to receiving phone calls. But, in my opinion, texting should not be the only part of communication in dating. Continue reading