Shit Happens: That’s Life


I have not written in awhile. January was a rough month (February started out rocky) so I have been in cruise control for a while trying to figure things out and weather out the other things.  Often time when things are spiraling out of control I become numb to things and my mind is set on repeat reiterating the things that are not going right (or the way I think they should). Even though a lot of things did not go as plan I will say that I won’t come down on myself too hard. I am proud of myself for remaining calm (as a person like me can be) and focused on the things that I can do verses the things I do not have control of.  January was a lot of no’s, rejections, financial hardship but it was also a month I can look back on and say that I tried. When opportunities changed and the unexpected kept reoccurring my mindset was not “woe is me”, it was what I can do to better my situation.

In the past when things were beyond my control I would cry, go into an even deeper depression and disappear from the world. I did not handle life well when things started to become bad. When you live life like that most of the time your situation becomes worse because you are hiding instead of confronting it.  I lived that cycle for so many years that I recently said I needed to stop and take control of my life instead of just letting it happen.  One of the things that I have learned and still learning is that I need to take responsibility of the things I am in control of.  If I take care of the things I have control of I prevents bad situations into turning into worst. The things I can’t control I just have to let go because worrying about it does not solve anything.  I am learning to reassess my life more so I can learn from my mistakes and finally break free of the things that have been holding me back.

That’s where I am at right now. I am back on track focusing on things I want to come into fruition instead of wasting time thinking about what went wrong.

Thanks for reading,

~April Odom

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